Dream sequence, prayer

In that dream I was walking out of an airport trying to figure out where I’d parked. There were vague signs showing names of gates and parking lots but soon it all got confused and I realized I didn’t know how to get to where I was going. And I couldn’t ask anyone for directions because how could they tell me the way if I couldn’t remember the starting point? It was my mom I was trying to see, I’d miss her if I couldn’t find the car. I woke with a feeling I had to shake off and wondered at its meaning: the feeling of being caught in a blender with no exit, like many are feeling these days. Of being lost and disconnected and no one looks familiar, their faces aren’t there, or they’re blurred. The creaking sounds the house makes at night like we’re all on a boat, but it’s stopped in the middle of the sea. The dull aspect of daylight changing every day and the color of the grass now golden brown. It will green up again, and so will we.

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  1. I can see your house bobbing on the sea, hear it creaking. You’re standing at the wheel with an albatross around your neck, but only because the whole scene reminds me of Rime of the Ancient Mariner (the Iron Maiden version).

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  2. Yes, it will green up again, and so will we. There are seasons, with reasons, some clear some with confusions. But they are necessary to rid us of monotony.

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  3. I see you talked about sharing playlists with friends in a different thread. You know, you can post them on your blog, too, if you use Spotify or Google music. I imagine you can with Apple Music as well, I just haven’t used it for quite some time.

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    • Hey Carl, thanks! I should have known that, I regularly share Spotify playlists but do so via text. Hadn’t thought to put it up on my blog, might do. How you getting on?


      • I’m doing surprisingly well. Earlier this year I went back to school to study web development. It’s been fully online, which presents an interesting set of challenges. But I’m managing it quite well.

        My son just started his senior year online, too. He’s managing it well. Happy with his classes, and, as he’s an introvert like myself, doing fine with the whole remote learning thing. My wife is going crazy as a teacher in all this madness trying to redeploy education online. Managing this soup of federal, state, and local legislation and management has been…challenging…

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      • Didn’t know you had a family and your wife’s a teacher! Wow that’s amazing. Glad you’re well though. Yeah, how about that bandwidth and Wi-Fi, eh?! Fun times.

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  4. Yes, I like the boat in the doldrums idea, I was going to say becalmed, but that’s not right, is it, marooned feels more like it. I like Walt Walker’s suggestion, just bobbing along, some days the news is a just a slimy sea of slimy things.

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    • Marooned for sure. Last night I dreamt about a coyote that got caught in our yard; its ankle got trapped in a garden hose and as it tried to pull free, the hose tightened. Now isn’t it odd how we dream in metaphor like that? Crazy. Hope you’re doing alright man, good to hear from you.

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