I had to go back to where I was from. The beach, where the forest meets the ocean and the river lets in. In that golden autumn we were all forgotten. I hung my shirt on the back of my chair and it looked the same as it did on me, a trick that sometimes works on crows.

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  1. ‘…where the forest meets the ocean and the river lets in.’ That is one perfect piece of land-sea conjuring, Bill.

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  2. I hereby demand that you write a novel and end it with these lines. Or memoir. Either one will do. There just needs to be a book in front of these sentences.

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  3. … or the beginning of a memoir/novel.

    Here, forest really only meets sea in the tropical north. Intemperate growth.

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    • It’s a beautiful look, with the old growth forest on cliffsides/bluffs and overland trails. My favorite hiking spot is that, with rope ladders too. Sounds unreal but it’s not!

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