Song for mid-autumn soothing

I had to turn off my notifications and head to the hills for a few hours. I was glad for the smell of wet leaves and patchwork of brown and yellow on the ground, glad for the sweat in my pores and muscle in my legs. It doesn’t take long to feel alive again when you turn off your phone. A breeze kicked up and scattered more leaves, leaves falling like large flakes of snow…and not another soul around. I indexed my thoughts and flittered in and out, up and down the hillsides, the far country lookout, the dark quarry, the grate-covered mineshaft seam. The fantastic erratic it’s called: a boulder with moss shoulders, volunteers growing from crumbled cedar. Most I felt at peace when I forgot myself and seemed to blend in with the natural world. Confined to our rooms, glued to our phones, we’re forced to an unnatural state. Stand in the rain if you must. Nature never leaves.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder whether Steve Jobs would still have made the thing if he knew what it would do to us.

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  2. Turn off, tune out, drop off
    the edge, into the woods.
    Cheers! High 60’s this weekend, that’s practically Miami weather by Milwaukee standards!

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  3. Like your smells here Bill.
    I walked a few laps of the nearby football oval. Not quite the same (as I was listening to a 1971 boot of Pink Floyd) but nice, all the same.

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  4. I walked in the rain yesterday and it was not as bad as one would think. Lovely to get out and explore nature. Some of the ponds has melted, but no ducks around. They must have fled when we had snow last week. Love reading your posts.

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    • Good for you my friend! Another rain walker, love it. Thanks for reading and letting me know you enjoy! Nice to watch the ponds go in and out of the freeze…good one. Best, Bill

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  5. I have not been on lately, but I am always happy to see my old friend Bill. I just finished my first post in quite sometime. I am writing that book finally!! best to you..A

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  6. Ack! The moment of feeling alive again is nano-seconds against Baby Bell.

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  7. Excellent (he said while staring at his screen).

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