Ode to Weber

I bought a new charcoal grill, the kettle kind. If I keep this one as long as I did the last I’ll be 68 when I’m done with it. Sixty-eight, dragging it to the curb. Some things you can’t salvage once they’ve been used so much. And I’ll be like that old grill myself, ashen and dirty with bent legs and bad coloring not worth hanging a sign on.

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  1. You’ll always be worth hanging a sign on!!!

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  2. I, too, just got a new grill and put the old one at the curb yesterday afternoon. Rusted through, the grill rack threadbare. Some one grabbed it anyway. Scrap metal? I don’t know I used it 3 months ago… it still works.

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  3. Free to a good home.
    Free to any home.

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  4. There are THREE grills hogging space on our back porch! Only one ever used; one of the other two no longer works. I suspect they will outlast the man who loves to grill … my fingers crossed a 4th does not show up to join the clutter!

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  5. don’t forget old is gold 🥇🥇🥇

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  6. it seems to be one of the household items that is hardest for people to give up, an uneasy attachment forms, the memories of burnt food and holidays never leave.

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  7. A lot of nostalgic songs about this moment, parting with an old flame. The Platters “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.” The Earls “Remember Then” (Re-mem-mem-mem-ber, Remember embers, That night we fell in love.” Well, you’ll be bent & ashen, but exuding that great smoked meat aroma – – when they kick you to the curb, you’re gonna draw raccoons like crazy.

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    • You’re freaking hysterical man! Thank you for that. And especially for making me nostalgic to dig into some old time Motown stuff. I have a good memory of that with spring from years back and you just conjured up the Djinni on that old Hoss. Be well. Hope your spring is fab and restorative…thanks for being here! Bill


  8. Congrats for the charcoal grill. Already you are a maven at grilling words:)

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  9. I get my daily recommended allowance of rust and charred fat every time I use my old grill. Unsafe at any speed.

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  10. I think my grill will outlast me. It’s a low-end Kamado style, and the old mini-weber is crying rusty tears of neglect.

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