Life after Homeland

How could life ever be the same
now that we’ve finished eight seasons
of this Showtime original featuring
Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson
and Claire Danes as the unpredictable
Carrie Mathison.
We’ve pored through the evils of this world
foreign and domestic and worse,
from within:
the inner conflict that defines who we are
by what we do
and who we serve.
And like we needed 96 hours of television
to be reminded of that
but we savored every minute.
Now in this post-Homeland global pandemic
where we are all fat and alcoholic
thumbing our phones,
tracking orders, breaking down boxes,
tossing them in bins.
Where do we turn to
with 50 million ways to lose ourselves
in a box?
We aren’t much different
than we were in the colosseum
cheering for the kill.
Our need to project ourselves on stage
for the violence and drama we lack in our own lives.
Stories and performances to offer
something true. And always,
a distraction.

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8 replies

  1. Roger, homeland needs attention and although this writer never missed an episode it did one hell of a number on Moi! Anger is the best way to describe it! Killing off Quinn was despicable! Carrie mood changes were hard to fathom! The heart and soul of the series Mandy saved the day! The world crisis is real and sadly pretty unsolvable! We must show more moral leadership as those Trump years set us back to the dark ages of vileness that resulted in a attack on the rule of law! Corruption of our Nation’s soul stab this writer’s heart. But that American Spirit appears on the rebound so it maybe time to resurrect Homeland for a new season what say you? From Under The Palm Tree 🌴

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    • I’m all for the resurrection, marvelous show. Loving treatment of the characters and thrilling from start to finish. Thanks for this passionate observation here I love it


  2. You’ve sparked my interest, Bill.
    I think my wife will love this – she has been exploring Scandinoir etc ever since I afixed a smart-box to a biggish lcd TV that the Daughter gave us hoping that it would depose the Cathode ray behemoth that (still) sits in a position of power in the lounge room. Anyhow, better a Late Adopter of Homeland than an Abstainer I’m thinking.

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    • Hi David! Yes I do hope you and your wife might connect with the show. I found it really smart and intriguing and the performances by Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin really remarkable. Eerily accurate reflection of some of the recent screwed up things happening in our country too, and with Russia. That’s the latter two seasons at least. Let me know if you wind up “going in!” Be well. I’m all about late adoption myself.


    • Hey there that’s kind of you to ask. I’m a white suburban male, 50, who lives in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and writes marketing copy for big tech companies but is also a would-be poet. Who are you? Thanks for visiting.


  3. This is absolutely true what you wrote about tv serials in such a lyrical way Bill, I was hooked to this poem and my wandering what could have been in this sitcom but it speaks to me directly. Superb writing.

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