Song for the dragonfly

It is the first day of the dragonflies but they won’t last long if my cat has any say in the matter. They have that look of prehistoric wisdom, a proven design. All that existence compressed into just one week on earth, a millennium stamped on a marble-sized head. But they are iridescent and don’t bite, they don’t make much sound or give off bad smells. They just drift from scene to scene as if it is all new, these silver wings, these fresh scents. No matter how many thousands of years it’s been this way, by spring it all feels new again.

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  1. I’m a cat person, but rooting for the dragonflies! Luckily on my turf the dragonflies hang out at the pond, a deterrent to cats. Love your dragonfly maneuvers account … lifespan is relative I guess … short enough, and everything would seem new … like when we were kids … a sort of iridescence of spirit …

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    • Iridescence of spirit! That’s the one. Yes, I can hear the crinkly sounds when the cat chews the wings. Breaks my heart. Do you fireflies or lightning bugs in TX? I miss that, growing up back East.

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      • We get both – lightning bugs not nearly so prolific as in my younger days. Dragonflies are more fun for me, as I can see the maneuvers and colors. I tried several years back to photograph lightning bugs and did NOT succeed – too little light for the camera, too much jittering for me to aim the camera. If I find myself in another dense mix of them, I’ll try videoing the sparkles rather than isolating an actual sparkle-bearer.

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      • Cool, thanks for that Jazz. I really miss that magical look of lightning bugs at dusk. So many things like that just don’t translate in film. Good on you for trying though!

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  2. If I had not lost my fear of dragonflies some time ago, (I’m not saying when) this beautiful piece would have done it.

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    • Ha ha funny our fears! I grew up marveling over them mating as a “Timbuktu.” Odd use of words and imagery, that’s nature for you


      • Listened to Spring Rounds (Alice Coltrane) this morning and I’m pretty sure that there was a bit of Timbuktuing going on there in the background.

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      • Good one! The reference. Been enjoying her music off and on for some time now, a real soulful indulgence, that!


  3. Imagine the dragonflies with a two foot wingspan, as they were 300 million years ago. Must’ve been a beautiful sight. As long as they weren’t carrying off your cats or cheeseburgers, etc. I mean. It is a lovely shot.

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