Late May, Pacific Northwest. Mushrooms and sweaters and flannel still. It feels like it’s fall slipping into winter but I am down with that. With a bite in the air like a poodle on your nipple, like a cold toilet seat. We are in the backcountry Lewis and Clark style with natives and small pox and crows the size of canoes. Slugs the likes you haven’t seen. Trees fingering the heavens, owls coming for your cats. Clouds dense as Donegal wool. Greens, a million kinds. But here we are it’s almost June and I’m still taking baths, telling myself when the sun finally does come out there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

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  1. Those Pacific NW slugs are incredible … and abundant … On 1st encounter (totally unprepared) I freaked out – since I’ve cozied in for closeup photos of their vivid hues … this post makes me want to head NW again!

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  2. Poodle, eh? Your brain, man, is something else.

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  3. Sounds kind of medieval scary, crows & pox, owls & slugs, poodles & pox. But the million kinds of green sounds really great.

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  4. All of that sounds wonderful, including the slugs. I’m especially interested in the mushrooms, though. I understand May is morel season in the Pacific Northwest and I could bite into one of those like a poodle.

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    • Ha ha hi Christopher! I’m bummed out I’ve tried to comment on a few of your posts in recent months and hit some glitch where it fails on me for some reason. Must be me, but wanted you to know now that I’ve got you for a second. We just watched the film Fantastic Fungi and bought Paul Stamets’s book Mycelium Running. It’s its own thing for sure…happy you enjoyed this. And BTW it was your comments on poetry I really liked in a recent post, that was good. (What makes for “good poetry,” and so on.) that got me fired up in a good way. Bill


  5. Late May, Pacific Southeast (if you stretch the compass point) – a severely truncated Autumn; straight in to Winter, which I’m feeling without the relish you’ve served up in this loving reflection of your home.

    Thank you Bill.
    PS. Luckily I do love Autumn Leaves and they have been stunning this year.


  6. I sense a new sub-genre emerging, Bill. PNW Gothic. Creepy yet bucolic.

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  7. Happy times being eloquently expressed to hold close to one’s breast for fear it will fade away but not fear those times are strong and will endure so enjoy and write another day

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  8. That pic up there. That’s my fav Pearl Jam album. Much preferred (by me) to Ten, and prior to their going grunge on Vitalogy.

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