The Mucros wool cap is a far cry from the one I bought in Ireland and lost. But it has its own legacy, that weird small coal town in eastern Pennsylvania. A place named after a Native American Olympic gold medalist, Jim Thorpe. A whole town named after a man to memorialize him. A pagan book store, a head shop, an Irish importer carrying wool scarves and caps like the one I lost. The one from Skibbereen. We do that, we buy mementos as tokens to the past. Then we lose and replace them but it’s not the same. This Mucros wool cap from that day in Jim Thorpe standing on the street when the sun came out and struck my face and stamped me with a memory affixed to that place. Like the pillbox hat from the south of France. The cowboy hat from Colorado. They are mementos, and when they go missing the memory snaps loose too. We are trying hard to belong here by collecting what we can, to remember where we’ve been. And use these things as waypoints in a journey, our own memorial. As if it’s proof we lived by what we saved. And hung our lives on hooks.

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  1. I really like that twist at the end.

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  2. I shot of the M&M message as a parting gesture as I shot out the door to work. Of course the associative mind had already bumped into Freud’s Totem and Taboo before I started the car. So much to investigate and consider. Your writing always opens doors in my mind, Bill and I like that. Thank you.

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  3. Nice. Keep those loose threads of memory from unraveling.
    I’ve been to that town! My relatives growl and say “Mauch Chunk” which sounds like Klingon, but I guess Algonquin. Went in the old jail there, where they hung the Molly Maguires.
    The lighter is an inheritance?

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    • Dude! You’ve been to Jim Thorpe, that’s crazy. The lighter is a gift from an old girlfriend. My initials before I changed my last name to Pearse, thanks for asking and for the cool comment there mister. Enjoy your long weekend!

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  4. Does headwear get lost, or is there a secret international society of hat thieves? They’ve snaffled a few of mine.

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  5. I do t-shirts instead of hats. They don’t seem to disappear as much. The hat thing must be a trick of your memory, trying to keep a lid on it.

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  6. An interesting post about Mucros Wool Cap and quite interesting about the man Bill and how he stood in the street with the sun out. Truly Jim Thorpe. I love such anecdotal posts:)


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