Remembering why

Why all the ice cream truck drivers in Philadelphia deal drugs. Why the dog looks like a coke addict with cat litter on her snout. Why the cottonwood blooms gather in clumps by the curbsides like snow. Why our kids look like Jack o’ Lanterns with their guts carved out glued to their phones. Why when I come to the dip at the end of our road it makes me smile. Why when I hear that song play I always think of summer. Why the smell of lavender takes me back to that farmhouse in France, the sound the river made. Why when I first see the ocean every year it feels the same as when I was a kid. The waves don’t change, and nor do we.

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  1. Good to realize we’re still just kids inside (all wrapped up in learned behaviors thinking others won’t recognize our true childish essence)

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  2. Why does coffee smell so good. Awake

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  3. White things,
    Maybe memories are always edged in cloud

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  4. Parts of us—connections, curiosities, recollections—are resistant to change until time’s erosion leads to the river bank collapsing. But in other ways, we change, and are changed. Some seek it, some are driven to it, some desperately resist.

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