Testosterone in pink

This shirt is salmon pink,

a new, tight-fitting shirt for a man.

A man bold enough for pink, for a stiff collar and a tight weave.

Who conceals the limp from his plantar fasciitis on his way across the grocery store parking lot this fine spring day.

This day so supreme it might as well be yucking it up with summer and it is,

they’re cozying up in the corner and everyone’s heads are turned

at this man in a new pink shirt

with his reusable tote and just-washed car showing no signs of wear and tear,

good tires,

lots of tread still.

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20 replies

  1. I like the image of spring and summer cozying up in the corner. It makes me smile.

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  2. One hell of poetry Bill and need I say more, “A man bold enough for pink…”

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  3. Love it: bold enough for pink
    Here’s to free thinking (and dressing) vs adhering to conventional “norms”

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  4. By the way, which one’s Pink?

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  5. So it seems colours are just like poetry, “a sensation that arises within the brain” and perhaps doubly so when dressed in pink.

    It’s very nice to wake to read this and to find myself ‘in the pink’ too.

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    • Well greetings David and I hope today is better than yesterday for you! And all of us, for that. I understand Mercury is in retrograde for the next few weeks so I guess we’re all a bit fucked.


  6. Though I think this came from Mindscapes

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