Song for Billy Collins

All night while we sleep

in the dark of the kitchen by the sink

the coffee tumbler stands on its head upside down like a yoga pose in the drying rack

beside the Belgian beer glass, the salad spinner, the rubber spatula and spoons.

When I rise I am the first to the coffee maker

and there I salute the coffee tumbler,

the Belgian beer glass and spoons

for they are dry, it took them all night,

and soon to be wet again.

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14 replies

  1. Was my mokapot caressed with more love and care as I dried it with its dedicated cloth this morning? Oh yeah.

    (I’m not familiar with Bill Collins tho.)

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  2. Are you sure that salad gizmo isn’t still wet behind the ears? (I had to spin it somehow…)

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    • You are the spin doctor my friend! Nice one, thanks for jumping in the kitchen with me on that! I know I am wet behind the ears and yes, my favorite color is GREEN!


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