Sisyphus in the underworld of our kitchen

It’s true, the microwave is sticky. Sticky on the insides, sticky when the door opens.

And there’s hair on the kitchen cupboards, hair adhered to grease. Animal hair, but it doesn’t belong there.

And mold on the insides of the Tupperware lid, more sticky things in the fridge.

And the oven, there’s the oven.

The fins on the underside of the fridge, the crumb tray on the toaster.

Mustard caked onto the squeeze spout turning brown.

Mandarin oranges with beards white as mine.

The orange juice has separated, the peas are frozen in a knobby clump.

The goose fat hasn’t changed a bit.

I sometimes get down on my hands and knees as if to pray but it’s to clean.

To scrub off the impurities, to clean my soul.

And it is a kind of worship, a penance, to all we cannot remove but must accept.

To all we could choose to see, and would be so much happier if we didn’t.

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18 replies

  1. Mental note: clean my kitchen.

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  2. This made me smile and yet moistened my eye enough to rub away the morning’s ‘sleep’

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  3. Life certainly isn’t like television where kitchens are pristine and people never need to defecate.

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  4. Interestingly, below this post, “More on WordPress” offered two different recipe posts. One entitled “Sticky Toffee Pudding: An Indulgent British Dessert” and the other for “Citrus and Spice Sugar Cookies”. The algorithm wants you cooking up more stickiness, Bill.

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  5. Fridges have fins!? I’ve never looked under there and now I never will.


  6. Had to laugh, Sisyphus. Everything gets sticky and it never stops

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  7. Yikes – guess I COULD stay up all night scrubbing the entire kitchen (your references to animal hair and kneeling to peer beneath the fridge suggest maybe I SHOULD) … but likely I’ll continue my pattern of getting a little bit at a time ongoing knowing full well more stickiness is creeping ’round the corner momentarily.

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  8. Happy to be away from home. Don’t need to worry about my kitchen grime.

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  9. Oh thank God! I thought it was just me.

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