Two sides of the same coin

He could be like a murder victim on his side, the way he sleeps.

The arms flailing, the legs cocked weird. Like a deer on the side of the highway.

The dead are like that, caught in a sudden peace.

You can see why they’re brothers in Greek mythology, sleep and death—

and often mistaken in public at the post office or bank,

one filling out withdrawal slips,

the other, cash deposits.

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  1. Oddly enticing, Bill – thanks! Once “crossed over” there is likely no resistance (tho many ghost stories see that differently) – w/o resistance comes freedom to “dream” … and perhaps choose to try that living-as-human gig one more time …? (Just read this aloud – it’s wafting its way toward my son…)

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    • Thanks Jazz, hope that drifting toward your son is a good thing. I trust it is, thanks for sharing…read a bit about Thanos and Hypnos, Chaos…those Greeks! Must have been the fermented fruit I’m thinking. Or bad olives.

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  2. My son would’ve given me a thumbs-up if hearing me read this in person. He was well-versed in Greek myths and such – yeah, I’ll go read a bit – but your lines work without extensive background. Cool.

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  3. Yes, withdrawal and cancelled checks, and the near-death experience of waiting for someone to s-l-o-w-l-y fill out a slip, like a little taste of purgatory or limbo, something like that. This is such an excellent concise piece you’ve written, an account not overdrawn.

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  4. Counting my pennies this morning…

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  5. Sleep, the little death.
    Death, the big sleep.
    Terrific, Bill.

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  6. Now you wont have a title for when you get to reading about Janus.

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