The human race is run

Outside the hose is coiled,

the drain rock undisturbed,

the lamb’s ear grown an inch overnight.

It’s the time of day all the conference rooms are taken by the clatter of birds kicking up sparks.

Dew on the grass turning in for the night,

mollusks stumbling their way back home.

And in the crook of some big tree raccoons are curling in with their masks and glittery teeth,

the possum is hanging his head low,

and we are all sitting on our toilets staring at screens.

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12 replies

  1. You had me right up until the last line. That was a startling turn from the bucolic recitation of your garden turning in the for the night. Perhaps you intended the shock?

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    • Hi Kiri! Glad I had you most of the way at least, thanks for that! Hope you’re well, and thanks for reading…! Bill

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      • You are generous to be forgiving. I think I was having an ultra bitchy day to leave such a comment. Feel free to slam any of my upcoming poetry. Who am I to judge? No deserving high horses here!

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      • Hey it’s all good Kiri! I mean that, I’m thankful people read and share what they think. That’s the thing about what we do here, it is what it is, you know…grateful for your reading, always. Have a good weekend!

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  2. Ha! The last line tripped my reverie, for sure … but made me smile … I often observe the shutting-down of the day out on my back porch (as opposed to toilet) waiting for the Labrador who WILL to finish her toileting for the day and puzzling about the new Labrador who absolutely refuses to be outdoors after the sun goes down – she’ll just hold it till dawn, thank you. We have no clue about the source of this behavior, having taken her in as a rescue – how many years might it take to reverse a conviction she made in her first year of life? Maybe if I could hook her up with a visor screen showing bright sunlight she’d scoot on out there and do her business?

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    • Well here’s to smiles however we get there Jazz! Thanks for reading and keeping up with me every day these past few weeks, really appreciate connecting with you here. Thank you!

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  3. Well I hate to keep saying the same thing over and over but I can’t help it. Yes I can, I’m not going to say it this time. I am thinking it though. Again.

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    • You funny, you! Thanks man. Do you believe we have extra special powers exactly six months out from our birthday? It’s worked for me two years now. I’m going with it.


  4. Ha! I love this! Especially the mollusks stumbling home on a damp & squishy night, unseen by all those ensconced in the bathroom, bathing in the cellphones’ glow. Damned poetic I’d say.

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