From Julius to Augustus

July gives way to August,

and as it goes we are all giving way in this roundabout of life

where you’re supposed to yield to the right but most don’t know what that means

or pretend they don’t,

as it suits them.

And so the giving way is a kind of ongoing tension,

the loosening of control,

one season yielding to the next.

You can see it on the hillsides, a weave of green and brown.

Or in young Octavian refusing to follow orders from his uncle Julius,

to rinse the grapes

or cut the meat with his knife.

One day I’ll have my own month he snorts,

the better of the two…

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  1. Seasons rotating. The truth and propagation of life. Well thought of.

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    • Hey Keshav! Good to hear from you and thanks for reading. I hope you are well! Send me a greeting please in your native language so I can learn a new way of saying “I hope you are well.” Best, Bill


  2. Here’s to yielding to the right to have fun with verse! And to this delightful twist.

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    • Thanks Jazz! And it forced me to learn some about the Romans, at least. Funny to learn that at one time there were about 100 days unaccounted for / uncalendared and all in wintertime. Makes you wonder if people actually hybernated during that time. Gets existential quickly, the idea of “extending the duration of a year” simply by giving a name to a grouping of days. Anyhooie…enjoy the rest of yours!

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  3. Cool, I like this ongoing tension/loosening of control, and the fun verse.
    And I love tales of the Classical Era, when a guy could take some random leftover days and declare his own month. Robertover. RobRocktober. Hmm, needs work.
    The highway guys in NY embraced those roundabouts a few years ago, there’s more & more traffic circles, no more right angle intersections, with a simple Red/Stop, Green/Go. Every New Yorker is happy to enter into the spirit of Ben Hur, the big chariot race, I Yield For No Man.

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    • Roundabouts come to the east coast. About time right! There are studies that have shown less accidents there because people are less prone to “tune out” as they might with stop signs or red lights. Like, the fear of death sort of jars us to pay more attention. Ben Hur style. Charlton, right? Charlton.

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