Broken antenna

My phone says good morning to me, beside today’s temperature

there sits a happy golden sun throwing beams like an Egyptian glyph.

Past my phone, outside the window, the sun plays on the tall trees

where invisible birds peep and a breeze animates the leaves.

Of course it’s nothing my phone could convey (ignore the fact I’m using my phone to write this),

and often I have to just put the thing down and go outside to look around, to be a part of it.

I always feel better when I do, but then I come back inside to see what I missed,

and whatever trick of the light there was has now changed.

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  1. Good morning from Taos sunny at 64 degrees 😌 My iphone doesn’t convey the inevitable afternoon thunder clouds, probable rain (pattern for late July), and is of no use forecasting whether the space beside us just-vacated will fill up again this afternoon …
    Phones are a bit limited!
    But oh so handy when traveling – writing this on mine …
    Here’s to spending most of the day gazing into realities surrounding rather than convenience in our hands … Cheers!

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  2. Love this line: Of course it’s nothing my phone could convey (ignore the fact I’m using my phone to write this),

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  3. Damn it Bill, with this gentle post you’ve unleashed an identity crisis: do I swap out Lonnie’s Lament (John Coltrane) as my ringtone in favour of the Golden Whistler (Australian bird call)?
    Okay, decision made: back to a bird call that takes me outside when I’m inside.

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  4. Maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors, Mr P.

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