Kite song

He turned stiffly and with great caution. He meted out portions of his day with a butter knife grimacing as he did. He was an old man well before he’d earned it in years. But being an old man was more of an attitude than a function of time.

He picked a hair out of his meal, and because he lived alone it had to be his own. He chewed slowly and with great intent, rolling his jaws with the look of a zoo animal.

At times it felt like his life had gotten away from him and he could not see it, like a kite gone behind the clouds but still tied to his wrist.

And if he really had that look of a zoo animal, the far-off blank look, had he built his own cage? And was it more comfortable than being out in the wild?

Sometimes he felt the string tug at his wrist reminding him it was there, the kite no one could see, still suspended in air.

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  1. Life meted out with a butter knife: grim, even in one of those modern, open-range zoos.

    (Oddly, I am hoping he has a TV).

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  2. It beats a butter knife!

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  3. Gotta go, a string on my wrist, put there by work, is calling me.



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  4. A poetic Arthur Miller feel here, Bill. Kite image is marvellous.

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  5. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. And tonight Mr. Kite is topping the Bill.

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  6. This is fantastic, Bill. Really beautiful. Sensuous, really. Love the rolling of the jaws imagery. And I feel compelled to make one suggestion, if I may. I think a few more commas, or periods, might be in order. Something to provide some breaks. Or brakes. Something to slow us down. It reads fast, and this one needs to be read slowly, in my opinion. Savored, with some good jaw rolling.

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    • Hey I like that, breaks or brakes. Always open for that type of thing, appreciate you sharing. Happy you wanted to take it slow, that’s nice…and I like the word sensuous! Glad I hit that note on this one for you, thanks for the encouragement. And happy Friday duder!

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  7. I suspect we each build our cages – just some of us never recognize it 😌

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