On my way to the woodpile

The spider by the woodpile was the size of a magician’s hand and moved as quickly out of view. How wild it was when you went outside! Life or death! All the bushes and trees hanging on for dear life. Our cat brought a baby rabbit inside and I managed to separate them so it could escape but it left blood on the floor and part of its guts and I thought about it dying slowly in the heat and it sickened me. And the following morning it was on the sidewalk, she’d taken the head, and I debated burial or putting it out for the crows, but favored the tidy option (the compost bin) and used a plastic bag they deliver the newspaper in and went back inside feeling a universal sadness, feeling distinctly American too, so removed. The cat lay on the patio stretched out like a pornstar, like a Roman senator waiting for someone to rub his feet or feed him grapes. And later curled up beside me in bed. And I slipped off to some faraway sleep forgetting what day it was, then started the same pattern again in the morning. The coffeemaker, the phone, the weather. The days losing light. Out beyond the trees the angle of the sun changing slowly. People starving on the streets. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs wrapped in plastic. Starbucks. Me getting older, feeling more removed.

I took a hot shower then napped. Thought, I’m just like that cat. Our whole country is, in fact.

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  1. A tortoise shell cat, lean, sleek and beautiful, has been visiting our yard. It likes to watch Z working in the garden (as I think all cats must) but it moves away if called or approached. I shall address it as Senator to see how it responds.

    Quite a piece today, Bill, with imagery and ideas that will no doubt work on me through out the day.

    Thank you.

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    • I love tortoise shells! Had one myself I loved dearly named Sherman. Time to get those beds ready for spring David! Have a great start to your week and thanks for reading.

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  2. meloncholy … stirring my thoughts/emotions … drawn to both rabbit & cat … two sides (at least!) to every confrontation …
    Tomorrow I’ll get back home after a month’s travels … our young ginger cat will get back outside after a month’s confinement … will the green anoles know to hide? … will I let her have her feline way with one? OUCH! HARSH WORLD!!

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    • Hey welcome home! That must have been some getaway for you, how nice. Eager to hear, or read more about that. Yes, two sides (the rabbit and the cat) and I enjoy the idea of evil in nature, something we can’t really assign to animals, but I’m still confounded by that desire to kill and the cat’s level of waste. It is what it is; consider all our waste by krikey! Thanks for reading Jazz, harsh world indeed. Be well.

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  3. What a rousing post and depicting the feline in all its forms, independence, sensuality and wilderness. Superb writing, Bill!

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