Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free

I miss the mornings, when there’s no one around.

When I would buckle my belt as a state trooper would his holster

and start my day sharp as an arrow, aimed at the center.

But there is no one to pull over now, nothing to investigate.

Just a squirrel whistling down from a tree, a bird hopping across the lawn.

Still I am on my haunches studying the ground for the meaning that explains it all.

In the mornings you can imagine what it would be like if none of us were here —

I free a spider trapped in the sink, help a snail find its shade.

I am a biased god, I believe in right and wrong.

When it’s done I hang my gun, then dream the same dream I’ve saved someone.

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  1. You are a solid citizen, Bill Pearse. Do you write just what you feel, or do you consider requests? I am serious about this.

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    • Hey there Bradley! Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for asking, what do you mean by requests? I’m easy like Sunday morning. Thanks for popping by again…feel free to elaborate.


  2. Yes, I can picture such a morning … wish I could HAVE one! Somehow two Labradors underfoot preclude the tranquility conveyed here … assisting the snail. I do manage to ponder a bit in spite of the canine interference.
    Thanks for the temporary transport!

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  3. If I were to pick my favorite American bands, the top five might include Wilco, The Flaming Lips, and Metallica. However, in my opinion, the top five rock bands of all time, and not the ones I like the most (although I do like 3 out of 5 of these) but the ones who are most ubiquitous, most known by all, most ensconced in the popular culture, both here and abroad, would include Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, and Pink Floyd. I don’t see Wilco, The Flaming Lips, or Metallica as being on par with any of these. And my question to you is, what American band is? Is it the Doors? The Eagles? Aerosmith? The Grateful Dead? Do we even have one, is my real question. In other words, what rock group has America produced that can match the gravitas of the “biggest British bands of all time?” This is my question for you, here at 1:34 pm CST on a Tuesday in 2021, as Afghanistan falls and the planet warms oddly in certain places, and cools in others where it’s not supposed to. 🙂

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    • Well dang duder I’m always up for that kind of challenge. Can’t think of an American band in this genre necessarily and you’d spew on me if I said Steely Dan you know. But there is something to that maybe; I read a book on them in our book club series and they were really the bees knees among musicians in the 70s at least. But not on the same level as those others, very American though. Which I guess comes down through the blues, which is where at least some of those English bands trace back, which is really Africa in a sense. Which is where we all come from. I just can’t put the Dead up there. Some could argue The Band but ah, not really. This is so much harder than it needs to be. Move over to Jazz maybe. Trios, quartets and so on. America takes the gold on that category. Thanks for positing it. Even Wilco is a bit obscure in my opinion. Then there is the idea that Americans don’t do bands as well as other countries, we’re more “solo” in nature. Which is something to chew on, isn’t it?


    • Yeah and The Doors, not so much. Even though they were a favorite of mine as a kid. The albums don’t really hold up beyond a few singles or stand outs.


  4. A lovely poem to set me on my way, not straight as an arrow but with the boomerang arch of that wayward pinball machine designed by a Aussie in his dreams.

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    • Yay! Go forth and conquer David! Have a good day and thanks for reading buddy!


      • A delightful day spent
        doing things like moving snails into the shade (eg I adjusted the height of a wheelie-walker for an 88 year old client to increase his stability, but not his speed).
        Thank you Bill.

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      • Hey that’s a nice comparison, the snail with your friend in the wheelie-Walker. Thanks for sharing that David and you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure. We could all use a touch more shade eh? Be well.


  5. Hi Bill Pearse you are my role model I just wish one day I’ll have such magical creativity in writing. I will highly appreciate if you follow my work and guide me through. Thanks very much.


  6. God, I’m getting old. I could place that lyric. Needed to google it.

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