Song for replenishment

Let us be near the water and not want for anything else

In the morning when the sun lights the tops of the tall trees and they burn like a candle to the bottom

Let us be near the water for my mind is burning and I need a good bath

And just the sound of the rain water pipes trickling into the drain rock soothes

For there is too much in this world and we need a way to return it to its source,

for the waterfowl and the fools like me who need some release.

Let us be near the water wherever we find it, even if we need to poke the ground to see if it percs

For when I am here I can remember and forget and feel full to the bottom by just letting go

It is said we are too much with the world and yet removed by it through our distractions.

Here I am for a time, nowhere else.

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  1. Excellent! Lyrical, deep! Trees burning like candles. Waterfowls and fools. “There is too much in this world and we need a way to return it to its source.” You really should publish a book of your poetry, duder.

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    • Appreciate that big time. When I read poetry it stimulates me to write it and I just finished a collection by Wendell Berry my good friend Brad sent me, from 1970. And I was happy to learn today Mr Berry is still going at age 89! May we be so lucky ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement duder. Bill



  1. Song for replenishment – Alaska at its best

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