Last visit to Prague

It was strange to be in Prague again wandering like a tourist down that cobblestone street past the church, the old clocks, the streetcar tracks.

Strange to be with a friend I hadn’t seen for so long but stranger still to be buck naked in the noon-day sun.

Strange to see myself as an actor on screen, to speak my lines in that dream state of unknowingness, lines jammed in my hand just as the camera rolls, the writing sheer crap, my friend not giving me anything to work with.

So what could it mean, my nakedness in Prague? That mash-up of the foreign and familiar, my white ass, this Bohemian air?

I wondered from the bathroom stall with my coffee, I replayed the dream to find some truth.

As I did strolling down those cobblestone streets, the old church, the arced overhangs.

As I do through all of life, feeling like I’ve been here before, surely it must mean something more.

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  1. As George Clooney was wont to repeat in O Brother Were Art Thou, “Everybody’s lookin’ fer answers.”

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  2. I reckon being in Prague provokes questions of meaning. Just like the wag who turned a sign for the abstract paintings section at one of the city’s glorious modern art centres to point to a large empty gallery.

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  3. Naked in Prague sounds like a Burroughs book. 🙂

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  4. I remember the sheer wonder of Hradčany Castle, and the ridiculousness of a guy in my travel group drinking a bit too much pilsner and throwing a handful of koruna out the window, yelling, “Take that, commie cash!” And I felt more than a bit naked when I realized I’d left my passport in the hotel and our tour group was being watched carefully by a uniformed soldier.
    Perhaps your dream is trying to tell you, though, that you need to expose yourself to something both familiar and strange, and Prague certainly is a city of dreams, and dreamers–the stories of Jan Neruda come to mind, and, for that matter, Kafka.

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    • I love that city! And the Pilsner is irresistible, best beer I had in Europe and quite cheap still. Will be hard to go back there and sip seltzer water and not eat boar, you know. Crazy graffiti there too right?! That was a bit shocking. Love your mini story here BTW thanks for sharing Christopher. Take that, commie cash! Ha ha ha

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