The twos and threes

There is something about the twos and threes that gets mixed.

One week ago is clear, two weeks is too, but now that I get to three I’m not sure,

was it two weeks ago you left, or more?

As the days and years grow and we try to be exact about the time

it all seems to blend back together again.

And perhaps it was never meant to be taken apart or studied like that in the first place.

The idea of time is a crude means of control, these calendars and clocks,

these fake lines around the days, these chimes.

Who are we to carve it up this way? Why not live by the light?

So now the time is different since you left, and the days take on a different slant,

and mine are spent walking to the lake thinking about you,

wondering has it been two weeks now or three

and how many more will it be?

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  1. This is a tugging read … you’ve captured the illusiveness of “managing” time: “As … we try to be exact about the time / it all seems to blend back together again. A sudden loss of habitual contact shakes the brain up. A week can feel more like a month. The change cannot be calculated by calendars, and the number of sunsets since only increases the blending of ever-morphing past and present.

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    • Hi Jazz and thank you! Happy to be tugging always. Just found there’s a funny thing for me in the twos and threes. And always fascinated by the illusion of time, maybe distorted by distance. Enjoy the day!

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  2. Tugging is a good word for it. This feels both heartfelt and existential. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I wonder if the odd inability to tell two weeks from three from three is somehow interwtined with that.

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    • Yeah it’s rough seeing your kids off man! And funny how time (which we’ve talked about before, this fallacy) gets all bunched up and weird-like. Happy Sunday to you! From the Bellevue art museum, where it appears there’s now a sun break outside.


  3. I’ve just returned from Daylesford Lake after a walk with No.2 son, Charlie, and I’m sitting in the pale sun to read this. Somehow it fits the Autumn mood.
    Thank you, Bill.
    Kind regards

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    • Autumn moods year-round is my motto. Be well David, enjoy your time with Charlie! Thanks for reading.


      • It won’t surprise to know that Autumn Leaves is one of my favourite tunes. And here I think of the last lines only:
        ‘I miss you most of all my darling
        When autumn leaves start to fall’
        But I am hoping that Lily returns, reinvigorated, soon.
        In your Spring.
        Cheers my friend,

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      • Cheers David! Thanks for this.


  4. The time between heartbeats and the space between hearts.
    Lovely, Bill.

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  5. The fascinating thing about time is that it’s connected to space; after two and three it’s the fourth dimension. You’ve captured that well here, in a very sad way, and added a new meaning to the fact that a point in space where time almost stands still is called a singularity.

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    • Nuts! I have heard of the singularity but assumed that was linked more to the fear of AI overcoming human intelligence one day, had not heard of it in this context. Super interesting observation. And speaking of words with observe in them, we just learned about the Goldendale observatory that’s not far from where we live so I think we are going to hit that on Memorial Day weekend when the moon is new, and see what we can see in them stars. Thank you for this Christopher. Be well!

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