The existential interstitial

Caught under the haze of morning the web of dreams

I forgot who I was the name of the day where to step down

In that liminal place feet hung dragged through air

And the mind receded to give way to wings

And when I woke fogged-over and full I sat for a time on the sofa with my coffee

Trying to put it all together, this place I’d been, who I was it showed me.

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  1. I love this photo. Where is it from? Oh, I like the poem too.

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  2. Some dreams are wake-up calls for sure.
    You’ve captured that state of confused grasping that follows some of my dreams … quick, let me write down what I SAW … then I’ll go back to ponder what the imagery represented, what the take-away message might be …
    Do you keep a dream journal? Mine’s online – I have journal-worthy dreams every few months, usually in clusters.

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    • Thanks Jazz, I occasionally write dreams down but it’s been a long time. It’s funny trying to write about dreams in a universal way others will relate to, that’s what I tried to do here. Since I stopped drinking a while ago and started going to bed earlier and taking better care of myself, sleep and dreams feel like a brain-bath and I often feel so relieved and refreshed as a result. Grateful for my keen ability to sleep restfully now as I know many others struggle with that.

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  3. Nice! We are such stuff. Killer opening line, too.

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    • Such stuff indeed. I’m grateful I can tinker with words about dreams and people actually read and interact with me about it (real ppl like you), so thanks Robert. What stuff indeed

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  4. I don’t usually dream unless I have the dream machine turned on. The little box that generates sounds on the dream wavelength and makes every night a carnival. I should be better about using it, need a regular bath for sure.

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  5. Reading this just after staggering out of bed, it sure resonated. I dreamed of Lego last night.

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  6. “Interstitial” and “liminal” are two of my favorite words. How apt they are in this space, Bill. This one certainly lingers.

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  7. This flows so beautifully, so full of assonance, but I also really like how you’ve captured the daze that can follow a dream and how our minds can often tell us something completely unexpected about ourselves.

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    • That’s lovely Christopher, thank you. Was just thinking this morning how I appreciate your thoughtful reading and comments, really appreciate you sharing. Best, Bill

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  8. “Beware of bird” indeed.

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