I saved the lift ticket from that trip to the Alps,

saved it because it was written in German with the date stamped on top

I don’t know why I saved it, perhaps I thought there’d be a time I needed it.

And it’s a funny thing but not as funny as what my friend’s elderly mother said

in the quiet of his cabin one nameless day.

She said you know those stickers they put on fruit?

I peel them off and put them under the sink so one day someone might find them and wonder

who put them there. And it was a funny thing to do, we agreed.

And then it fell quiet and we didn’t know what to say.

And silence filled the room, taking the shape of what it had taken away.

And so we sat contemplating that one nameless day.

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  1. That’s two in a row now that take off at line 4. And I like the fade-out at the end. The fade-to=black, if you will. It feels new for you. From you. Something. You know. Right? Right.

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    • Fade to black! I owe that album another listen. Their cover of The Wait came on several weeks ago and yanked me back into the urgency of Metallica, like 35 years ago or something…time travel! Happy you liked it man, thank you. Leaving Durango in a couple hours, not too-too far from y’all. All this recent poetry stuff is just tripping out to Billy Collins again, works like a charm. Be well…


      • Durango? Colorado or Mexico? I think they’re more or less equidistant. Excellent use of the word y’all, btw.

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      • Funny you should ask about Durango, we accidentally did our car rental in the Mexico one and that’s an unpleasant mistake. But it had a happy ending. Colorado. Thanks for my y’all practice too.


  2. I love this – now I’m gonna want to peer under the sinks wherever I go! [Anyone peering under mine will be bored … most of our fruit/veg stickers go with the peels into the compost.]

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