Let go into the mystery

The dark pockets of mom’s old house were something to see. It could be depressing too, how the leaning walls closed in on you. But for a Sunday morning in late August with the rain coming down I was glad for a taste of fall. Some candles and incense, soft music, a bird chirping somewhere, the whoosh of a car below, the sound of that old German dishwasher running. We meted out the time this way, in long leads. I yearned to be home because it was hard for me to relax anywhere, I was always someplace else. But I knew I’d be looking back here soon, and savored the moments in the corner of that dining room, it felt like the heart of the house. That’s where I did my best writing, where I came each morning to make the coffee and sit with my reading glasses while the light came up. I’d been doing that for 10 years now and who knew how much longer it would be. The not knowing part was maybe the best, the mystery.

Thanks to my dear friends and family who have joined me this past week on my visit back home to see my mom in Germany! This is my last post and I so appreciate all of you for reading and commenting these past several days. It makes the writing part real. Be well, Bill

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  1. That is a lovely picture.
    I guess the next thing is Welcome home.
    It’s been good to share in the trip with you through your posts, thank you Bill.
    All the best.

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    • And thank you David, really fun. Glad you love the picture too! And thanks for the welcome home, just an 11 hour flight and I’ll be ready for that! Be well buddy, enjoy the day and your week.

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  2. Are we leaving already? I feel like I just got here!

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  3. Enjoyed your visit. Blogging is one of my favorite things to do on vacation–so much new material. BTW – you look great (compared to the last photo I saw of you). Your healthy living is paying off. Me? I keep gaining weight. My entitlement to ice cream is truly a problem.

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    • Ice cream is the devil’s doing! Let me count the ways. Booze in a cone. Ha! Not really, but yeah don’t be so hard on yourself with that man. We do deserve some treats ourselves I think. Thanks for joining me on the visit and the kind words about the photo there! Yes I feel great. Enjoy the rest of your week Jeff and thanks again for reading.

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