Orchid piece

In the dark, in the window, in its tiny pot the orchid grows.

The angles and edges we hardly notice while the orchid works to inhabit its small space.

And for us no different, the quiet stirrings, the browned leaves, the worlds we occupy for just a short time.

We are all making the most of our place, to make these blooms.

The orchid sits fixed in its pot and for me no different, that I could just change my position

or learn how to grow in the dark.

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  1. Your use of pause, through the punctuation of this poem and its spacing is very reflective of rhe calming nature of the material. Beautiful work, I loved this piece.

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    • Thanks my friend and glad to hear! I like the notion of how we inhabit space, tough to express the core feelings of things but cool when it resonated with others in ways we don’t expect. Be well! Bill

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  2. All aspects of this piece are fantastic! I love how the piece is about the unnoticed, and includes of a picture of a work of art that caused the artist to notice every aspect of the subject, and then put that act of noticing on their audience. It is an ode to noticing of sorts, with the subject being the orchid, very clever!

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  3. I like your poem. Some days it seems like it’s all angles and (sharp) edges but we make the most of it.

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  4. Orchids are wonderful metaphors because of their adaptability. I just hope you, like the orchid, find enough light to grow.

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    • Yeah thank you Christopher. There’s a broader metaphor here about different personality types (daisies, orchids, another) and their respective resiliency. I guess orchids are the ones that are super sensitive but require a lot of care-slash-intervention. Ha ha, appreciate the kind note. Amazing I can keep mine alive!

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