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  1. I love Kafka! I think it was him that said this. thank you for this post. It made my day. Have you seen the Kafka rock opera? It was on some cartoon I watched as a kid.

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  2. Wow, all the time I’ve spent vegetating and yet never reflected upon my lack of engagement with the lifeforms of that kingdom. I mean, I’ve kicked around some theological issues with my kohlrabi, but rarely stop for snappy conversation with the snow peas. Thanks for the introduction to Stacey Johnson’s work, I love this.

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  3. When it comes to our vegetal cousins I’ve always been amused by the description of so-called carnivorous plants–Venus flytraps, sundews, pitcher plants, and their ilk–as “reversing the order of nature”. Many plants feed off the remains of animals. Some have just found a way to speed up the delivery.
    Those potatoes could be waving because there’s more than a little of us in them.

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  4. Bill. This is such a generous share. Deep bow in your direction. Thank you! Having come to appreciate your shared love of the offbeat, it means a lot to me that you got this one.

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