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  1. In Australia, the trend you note has been one of sharp decline since May 2019 when former Labor party leader, Bill Shorten lost power and with that Australia lost the ‘Zinger’.
    Ask famous Australian comedian Shaun Micallef about that – his Mad as Hell satire program is no longer on TV.
    An amusing piece, thanks.
    PS: to the other person in the world who might just find my comment mildly amusing, I salute you cuz.
    To explain the joke to others
    a Zinger is a weak put down with no sting.

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  2. Thirty years ago Dan Aykroyd said that in ten years comedy would be so pushed so far to the edge there’d be guys on stage chopping their fingers off. If only we had listened to him twenty years ago I’d still be able to use my hands to count to eleven.

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