When it’s almost dark you can hear the wind picking up across the desert. Maybe a flagpole clanking, some far-off dogs, the day’s last birds. We are in a new development surrounded by farmlands and distant mountains. The ground is that red-brown, brick color, dry and cracked. Crickets here and there, a place that feels charged with energy. Gone is the sorrow I felt when we first brought Lily to school here. Now it’s anticipation to go. The immediacy of life through the eyes of a high school graduate, a person just become an adult. Tomorrow we drive six hours to Twin Falls, the day after that, Pendleton. Two stops, and on the third we are home. Today is the day, it’s always been that way, now it’s time to leave.

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  1. Just marvellous. And on every level. Well done, Lily. And all of you.

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  2. Congrats, release! Out into the big world we go!

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  3. An hour after reading your post, I posted the following (as Blake who’s been pretty dry recently) under the title ‘The dry’. But surely it was inspired by news of your journey.
    For Lily

    mind of a desert
    dreaming of flowers to bloom
    to be coloured in

    Enjoy the journey home.
    All the best to you both.
    Be well and do good.


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    • That’s so kind David, and beautiful. Wow! Thank you and good to hear your lyrical voice again. Yeah just back now and got my socks off, feeling pooped and hanging with a purring cat. Life is good…

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  4. Kind of like planting a seed on a cold, dreary early spring day, but reaping the rewards in a beautiful harvest season. Enjoy the fruits!

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