Two days in France, eight kids aged 4 – 11, seven of them girls: the 10 and 11 year-olds are allowed to drink Champagne. We eat lunch just before 4, then dinner at 11:15. They all drink coffee afterwards, about… Read More ›

Food Float

I volunteered to work at our local Starbucks yesterday, something that the corporate people do around the holidays. We are more a nuisance than help to the baristas, but since I had worked in the stores at one time, I… Read More ›


I ran my hand over my hair and it felt waxy, like a crayon. Losing interest in bathing can either be a sign of depression or liberation: it depends on how long you go, and why you’re not doing it.

French Razor Cut

I booked a haircut online with our in-house stylist, at work. I chose the French Razor Cut because it sounded exotic, and I imagined the guy would be using a straight razor in that quick, jerky manner they do, with… Read More ›


Is the paperboy dead? Here is one part of my life which is being carried out to sea by history. In the early 80s, I made a couple thousand dollars delivering newspapers. It taught me to set my alarm, be… Read More ›