English 413

This was a senior-level English poetry class I got into as a sophomore. We met in a log cabin on-campus and sat in a circle, facing each other, as we read our poems and critiqued one another. One night we… Read More ›


When I met my friend Pete, he asked if I could sing. I lied and said yes, I did – which was part truth and part lie. The truth was I did sing – but whether I could sing was… Read More ›

Der Kleiderschränk

This is slang for “giant,” or “hulk of a guy.” It also means large clothes cabinet, and that’s what my mom bought from the Hofmeister last week, which they delivered yesterday. They sent one guy to haul this thing up… Read More ›

The Nose Doctor

Starting around Innsbruck Tuesday, I developed an ingrown hair in my left nostril which persisted all week. I went online to look for remedies, and saw something that suggested you can squeeze it out with tweezers. I tried this, but… Read More ›

Driving to Italy

Tomorrow, we leave for our first roadtrip here in Europe. My friend Miriam really encouraged us to fly, as it would be less time in a confined space with two little kids, but I was insistent to drive. It’s about… Read More ›

Next to Nothing

This phrase came up today: Dawn said she could really get used to doing next to nothing. That’s the topic of today’s blog, and once I get done with it I will be filled with a sense of accomplishment. Today,… Read More ›