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All the men at the bar bent over their phones

All the men at the bar bent over their phones and me among them, with Jimi Hendrix and sports recaps playing and the dull chatter that burbles and rolls like the tide spitting up their remains, making it all disappear … Continue reading

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The Life Transfer

I wasn’t sure I wanted to have kids. It wasn’t one of those things on my list. But when Dawn and I got pregnant and I found out at the bus stop, I felt it inside me too, and I … Continue reading

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The scale, the mirror, the referee (Project Manager rant on roles, responsibilities)

My stomach made a creaking, shifting sound like an old battleship. I looked at the others in the conference room and they looked back at me, waiting for my reaction, would I acknowledge the sound and be embarrassed by it, … Continue reading

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Carried Away

It started with a night running barefoot on the university golf course and hugging a tree for the first time, convinced I could feel its life force swelling from the roots, then ended in the early morning at my new … Continue reading

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All’s well that ends as you like it

I acted in college, in a small theater in a small town called Erie, Pennsylvania. The theater was a former barn, and we huddled in tight in a loft upstairs with our make-up and dim light as the voices of … Continue reading

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Just Because You’re Like Me Doesn’t Mean You Should Love Me

Relationships are hard. Even with the people you love (sometimes, especially with the people you love), you get to a point where you want to choke them. Holidays make the perfect setting, to force the issue. And it’s all the … Continue reading

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Back to Work

The week started with a blow-out on I-90. Unless it’s a sale, “blow-out” is not a good word. It can also refer to diapers. I got going in the dark, wind, and rain at 6:15 a.m., hoping to get a … Continue reading

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