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Cord vs. chord, “ribbed fabric, especially corduroy”

I texted Lily a Spotify URL for a song while they were at dance lessons: my other favorite singer Mark (Kozelek), in hopes she’d find a connection with him. For a month I drove to work with the same playlist, … Continue reading

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The super, blue, blood moon blues

We got up at 4:30 to watch it, but it was all cloudy. “Discreet music,” I guess. So much for January.

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A piece of Richard Brautigan (for Loren)

The cat’s eyes have gone cloudy, or maybe it’s just my imagination. She spends most nights in the garage, which would explain the need for a thicker coat. And in the morning she pulls a pipe cleaner out of the … Continue reading

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Painting lessons for pessimists

The future is a sham of hope and fear- based paints that can’t advance beyond the crudeness of our own imagination.

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Dream state of awareness, one day

We really just don’t have much time, which is why I get up in the mornings to write. I thought that walking with Benny in the morning yesterday, to the fields. He asked, now that you’re back in Seattle and … Continue reading

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The difference between mice and rats (9:07 PT)

Join me this month for stories of our time here in a small German village where we’re visiting with my mom. This series of blogs is named after a post from 2015 (“No Christmas in Germany”)¬†when we spent nine months … Continue reading

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Probably the last trip up Cougar Mountain for the year. Rained from start to finish, mud in the car now, the smell of wet dog. The trail a mash-up of leaves all brown and yellow, the maples are the last … Continue reading

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