Polaroid, 2013

In the dark, in the morning on my way to work passing the line of kids at the bus-stop: All their faces look like jack-o-lanterns by the glow and the flicker of their smartphone displays.


The night sky is full of stars Someone connected them all to make stories. Were the stories always there, Or did we make them so? Your life is a constellation: Find the corners, find the story.  

Meet The Eye

There’s always more to life than meets the eye. Sorcerers, artists, the criminally insane: they all see the hidden meaning in daily life. You can open yourself to the world’s mysteries or drift through it like a ghost, with no… Read More ›


Whatever pain it is that can only be expressed by killing Grows like a spore, travels by the winds to all reaches of the world. These infections flare up, heal over, get forgotten, recur. The cure is not to contain… Read More ›