Fall Status Report

We made it back in one piece from France last night, and we’re enjoying doing nothing today. We have black-eyed peas with kale planned as a late lunch, and then fish with roasted potatoes, for dinner. It’s cool and cloudy… Read More ›


We made it to Florence in about two hours, with hotel reservations for the Hotel Duomo, which is right across the way from the famous Duomo tourist attraction. The last leg of the trip had us travelling by foot since… Read More ›

Last Nights in Toscana

We wound up staying Monday through Sunday morning. Friday night, we went to a restaurant in Orbetello (Il Pischeri) where the specialty is fresh-caught fish; it’s run by fishermen and they serve you the catch of the day, each night…. Read More ›


Yesterday we went to the other beach, Feniglia (Fe-knee-lee-a), which is 10 km from the villa near Orbetello. It was quite different – more of a public beach, but still Olivier phoned ahead to reserve beach chairs for us and… Read More ›