Travelogue 2009

Tales from the road, smack-dab in the middle of Europe.

White Space

I got my foot stuck on the baby gate earlier this week and went down on my side, yielding a bruise the size of a small country. It is hard being empathetic: while it gives you the appearance of emotional… Read More ›

The Dénouement

I am a big fan of putting things away. I even like putting away Christmas decorations, and if it’s been a bad Christmas, I’m not as gentle. This is the beginning of our German denouement, and soon, my sabbatical denouement…. Read More ›

Dick Mack’s

I finally had my quintessential Irish pub moment today: a windy, misty Sunday in Dingle. Dawn and Charlotte went back to the B&B in hopes that Charlotte would nap there, which left me and Lily on our own down in… Read More ›

Go Mall

We are in Irish-speaking country now, on the north side of county Kerry, near the ever-popular “Ring of Kerry,” which we will avoid. “Go Mall” means slow down in Irish, and it’s painted on the roads in many places. Despite… Read More ›

The Burren

Dawn said with photography, you have take the picture right when you see it – otherwise, if you wait and try to do it later, the light is different. The same may be true with writing. When I was working… Read More ›