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In the dream I was doing yoga in a class with mostly women, squatting, feeling overweight, with the sensation that my wang was poking out. It was, and I realized it must be a dream. I felt my body strain … Continue reading

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Sunday morning salutation

When the sun rose you could hardly tell. A set of bats stirred from their perch, and were gone. The whole tree, made of bats. Some branches wagged and bobbed, didn’t say a word. The gray inaction, Sunday morning. Even … Continue reading

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“The hydrographic apex”

These posts for the next week or so are from a recent backpacking trip I made on the PCT with my dear friend Brad Shaffer. The post titles are taken from the great climber Fred Beckey from his Cascade Alpine Guide which … Continue reading

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Deceiver Trail to Far Country Lookout

I took the Deceiver Trail, the S3, past the Licorice Fern cul-de-sac to a crumpled-up viewpoint where there wasn’t much to see but it sounded nice with the water collecting in a dark pool by a leaning sign, Far Country … Continue reading

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The prism is a piece of cut glass we hang in our window, to catch light and cast colors. It only works in the right conditions, when the sun is at the right angle, and it doesn’t last long. But … Continue reading

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Failing in public

My favorite Yoga teacher Charley was not your typical Yoga teacher. He drank, smoked, and got into bar fights. Despite this, his voice was smooth as honey as he guided us through meditation, and we imagined ourselves melting into the … Continue reading

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This was supposed to be fun, about the enjoyment of writing. It’s not, when you think about it too much.  Yesterday I got to do Yoga for the first time in a couple weeks. She had us do Tree pose … Continue reading

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