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Building 37

I’ve now contracted at Microsoft for six months. Today for the first time I had a meeting in a different building. The buildings are numbered; I just had the number but didn’t bother to look up exactly where it was, … Continue reading

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Song for Friday, Monday, the weekdays

Worked into the tapestry of life is work itself, it’s inseparable, in fact it will loosen and destroy the fabric of life in its absence the way pests get into the woodwork or wardrobe and ruin you with holes. Work … Continue reading

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If the world could be a sweater and I could try it on before buying it

Bit by bit he watched all the iPods, phones, and tablets come back ashore, come back to the store with their cords and their cases, and he put them in a box in the back to be picked up on … Continue reading

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The visual voicemail data fetching problem at the AT&T kiosk

I wore a T-shirt I bought in Vienna with a corruption of the Starbucks logo that said Austrian Beer instead, that turned the fins on the siren into bottle openers and replaced the face in the middle with a pilsener … Continue reading

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‘Is it heaven or Las Vegas?’

On Mondays I’d play Miles Davis driving in to work, “Kind of Blue.” I liked the wordplay and the solemn start to the album that matched the start of the work week, and seemed to be saying you’re fucked, but … Continue reading

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Right through the indulgent parts

I get behind a guy in the Costco parking lot who’s got a buck with gnarled antlers next to a sticker of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on the name Obama, and next to that, it’s a take-off on … Continue reading

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Do They Know It’s Christmas?

It’s not Christmas, it’s New Year’s. Still, I don’t have to worry about the stores being closed. I’ve been out to Starbucks this morning and to the QFC, to grab last-minute supplies for dinner. Tomorrow, I’m sure I can find … Continue reading

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