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Killing the Tree of Heaven

We went back to the east coast by way of Newark, and though it was spring break we made the kids wear coats, and I packed a scarf. We got a rental car and drove to my grandmother’s house in … Continue reading

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The Cascadian fault | Field notes from the Pacific coast

This is a series of posts I started in late May and plan to continue for 40 days, with a goal of hitting 50,000 words by July 5 (Day 27!). It’s inspired by a three-day solo trek on the Washington … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon in the suburbs, Spring

I’ve taken the stowed-away things from our garage and laid them out on the driveway for reckoning. One pile gets donated, the other we get to keep. There’s a laundry basket full of plush toys, the unwanted/extra dolls and stuffed … Continue reading

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The adolescent love scene

My 10-year-old daughter has her first crush. It’s not her first, and it’s not a crush she’s quick to correct, but her face changes and a flurry of filters go up when she talks about him, which inclines me to … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Lily gets a call from the neighbor boy Danny, asking can she meet at the construction site? She’s sick, but perks up, flicks her hair, is halfway out the door once I catch up to her and say, “This is … Continue reading

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Scene From A Window Not Seen

Old man with curly hair, thick glasses, Mercedes. We play with the hood ornament on the Mercedes: it bends back, then stands up again. He watches us from the window. Wiffle ball in the courtyard, summer. He calls down to … Continue reading

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The prism is a piece of cut glass we hang in our window, to catch light and cast colors. It only works in the right conditions, when the sun is at the right angle, and it doesn’t last long. But … Continue reading

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