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The Airborne Toxic Event

To think we are nearing a precipice with regards to the media, Ebola, and public perception about the threat here in the States is mis-guided: the truth is, we are always on a precipice with the media, with┬ápanic down one … Continue reading

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The best place for an idea

…isn’t your head. It starts there of course, but if it never leaves, that’s where it will end. We filter ideas for a variety of reasons, fear being the biggest, along with its brainy cousin, “discretion.” No, the best place … Continue reading

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Baseball Bats and Golf Clubs

Like guns, they are tools for sport that can also kill or cripple. In the absence of owning a gun, I’ve thought about keeping a bat or a club by my bed, just in case. But it doesn’t bring me … Continue reading

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Public Speaking Nightmares

Public speaking is a dance with fear, a dance you need to lead. It’s the battle with yourself to not look like an idiot, to get out of your head: the challenge to be yourself, when everyone is watching. Where … Continue reading

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