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If the memoir is a mirror you cracked it (for Alan Turing)

We bunker down between the bands of snow on the radar and the news cycles. The squares on the calendar pages where you get stuck waiting to roll again, to advance. A clipper is coming from the west, to meet … Continue reading

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The Desolation of Smaug: Rant on violence in art

Somewhere in the 90s I got tired of violence in movies. It happened in a scene from the film Copycat, which shows the point of view of a victim through a plastic bag as she’s about to be slain. It was … Continue reading

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The problem with popularity

The more people like you, promote you, vote for you, or buy what you sell…the more people have demands and expectations of you. You grow, expand, and change as much as the people allow. You belong to the people, that’s … Continue reading

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