Your Mom’s Ashes

Lily and her friends have formed a band called Your Mom’s Ashes, but spell it in a way that bastardizes the your and ignores the possessive for the mom’s. The four of them circle our property looking creatively blocked, needing… Read More ›

More animal

Pouring boiling water down the sink drain to kill the fruit flies. The look of them in the dark as it spills through, this everyday violence. Remembering what my arm looked like when I cut it as a 5-year-old, running… Read More ›

A bad ear

Happy Halloween from pinklightsabre.com, and thanks for reading! Thanks to Kevin Brennan at WHAT THE HELL and Indie-Scribable for the mask inspiration. Bill This post provisionally titled, “The Very Strange Way In Which Life Leads You Down A Corridor To… Read More ›

On the dead

Every other Saturday the gardeners come, but I will never know all their names. They are in the back now blowing out leaves, tearing out the dead, raking up beds, making it all go away— But the next morning the… Read More ›