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Lost in the Funhouse with Barth: on meta, Brecht, and what’s behind The Fourth Wall

With social media and technology what they are, metafiction has become more a part of our lives than ever: we’re constantly stepping outside the frame to capture ourselves in it, and our story of documenting our life story is as much a story as the story itself. But as we step outside the frame, we’re straddling two worlds and cease to exist fully in either — like tourists on an Alaskan whale-watching cruise with our cameras out trying to catch the breaching whales as proof we were there, we miss the reality just beyond our lens and I wonder, did we really see anything at all? Continue reading

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The inner rings of meta-ness, Inverness

Monday. Put on a new shirt, examined the tick bite for a ring, realised we have too much stuff. Is there any point to unpacking it, to let it breathe? Seems all this packing is an emotional thing. Carrying more … Continue reading

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Dog guest blog challenge

I strum the inner folds of Ginger’s ears, cupping her head and rubbing her with my thumbs, and she reciprocates by jamming her nose in my ear and nipping the lobes, which tickles and makes me giggle like a girl. I’m … Continue reading

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Cruel and Unusual Publishing

I’ve been keeping a list of words I need to look up from David Foster Wallace’s 1996 Infinite Jest. Yesterday’s included erumpent, sedulously and egregulous — and sure enough, I got duped. Egregulous was made-up, and landed me on a website … Continue reading

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No Gift Should Go Unthanked

The book is on my chest face-down like a dead bird, a lowercase W, a child’s sketch. The picture of the author on the back, a UPC code only computers can read. A postage stamp I used as a bookmark … Continue reading

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Lost in the Funhouse

We took the kids to the Hofmeister in Bietigheim, for the drop-off play area. You sign the kids in, they give you a pager, and then you just leave them there while you shop. I was trying to remember the … Continue reading

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