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Paying the neighbor kid to blow the leaves off our sports court. Awakening to the glow of a laptop, hours before sun. Before, I used to just sit here in the morning, letting the coffee sink in and thinking about… Read More ›

Vast Deference

I got the “procedure” today, as I described to Lily – something about not wanting to have kids again, put gingerly. “You and Charlotte are plenty, honey.” The doctor was matter-of-fact, swift, and at times, downright gruff in the way… Read More ›

Lehigh Street

The last time we were home for Easter, I drove by the apartment where I grew up, on Lehigh Street. We lived there for 12 years, in a two bedroom apartment with the washer and dryer right there in the… Read More ›


Today, I was in a hallway conversation that went something like this: With STAR transitioning to Symphony, do ALS and GLS both have to be on the MWS before we can proceed? There is no time to really talk these… Read More ›