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Song from a shell

In the icy depths of sleep, in dreams, you held me when I was no one, just myself, a shell You held me at the edges where I could have been anyone, but wasn’t— and in sleep, in dreams, is … Continue reading

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The sky and sea met at a line on the horizon, the end of themselves, as defined by their meeting. There they became indistinct, what made them so resigned, combined with the other. And they gave themselves freely, that line … Continue reading

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Father and daughter

One day you will notice what the days do, how they curl and build and fall apart like the waves, most times indistinct, sometimes disappearing like socks in a drawer you can’t find, they fold over on themselves and get separated … Continue reading

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How to love, with fences

There are limits to my love as with fences to remind us what’s ours and keep things out, keep things in — Love is a word we use for protection, like all things defined there’s a start, an end, and … Continue reading

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My grandfather has fallen asleep with a paperback in his lap, hands braided, glasses on — and I watch his reflection from the bathroom mirror where someone has left a stick of deodorant by the sink that says Sure, and I am … Continue reading

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Put away for safe-keeping

That first night you turned your back and my arm fell off in bed, we were made statues then like brittle, precious things put away for safe-keeping, hard to move.

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The adolescent love scene

My 10-year-old daughter has her first crush. It’s not her first, and it’s not a crush she’s quick to correct, but her face changes and a flurry of filters go up when she talks about him, which inclines me to … Continue reading

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