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Last reflection before bed

The essence of the day was lost to the holes and spaces where memory goes, the leaks and gaps that take what you don’t see. And sad to think, a whole life can pass by like that, unseen. Photo from … Continue reading

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Bone piece

The memoir, the story of your life, is an object of questionable value. You hold it in your hands, shake, listen: what’s inside? Is there a lock? Does it open? What’s it for? You could take it to someone who … Continue reading

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Corpse pose, prose

When we came back from Germany last year I had May, June, July, August, and September off before I went back to work. And before that I had a year not working, starting just before Christmas. How fast the clouds … Continue reading

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Life lessons from dreaming dogs

The dog in her sleep quivered, you would have thought she was dead she looked so still – some replayed scene imagined to make her believe she was somewhere else, living.

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I’d rather be wrong: a short rant on the difference between nihilism and existentialism

It’s late, I’ve had too much beer, and my 23 year-old cousin wants to show me his favorite YouTube video and talk about the meaning of life. The video is by a band called Mr. Bungle: manic, circus music, the … Continue reading

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