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Down the hill, from green to black

I got the ax out of the chicken coop to split the wood for the first autumn fire. Without ceremony, I hung the lawn chairs in the garage for the season and put away the hammock and lawn furniture. A … Continue reading

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Song to the dark lands

When I look through the trees at the park near our house they are all pretty much the same as when we started coming hereā€”like me, a bit older but still the same, mostly unnoticed. And the kids were so … Continue reading

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One commitment (for August)

In the morning before the sun is up, when the cloud deck makes the light go soft and pale, the grass is the color of straw dried-out and sharp, golden red. The lawn sprinklers wake spitting and cussing, and the … Continue reading

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Morning prayer

The grizzled look of a lawn covered in frost and all the tiny diamonds there, a Morse code for sight. Photo credit, Loren Chasse.

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The last of the 8 o’clock sunsets

The clouds are dragon tongues, painted Nordic boats and they blow me back to Scotland, to the fall, to shrill winds and leafless trees, to the comfort of wool and soup, smoked fish, and sleep. Now the shrubs are shriveled, … Continue reading

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Poem for the first sunny day in Seattle

How the underside of the crow’s wings glowed when it was dusk and the light dropped so slow from the sky a two-hour cue and the spaces between the leaves went from peach to pink, and all about, a tapestry … Continue reading

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The force of the light is the theme

How soothing at the lake, the water pooling in. Birds and kid sounds, a gull burrowed down, a helicopter seed- pod’s propeller spinning, brown: I watched it all the way, thought I could stay here all day, on the seam … Continue reading

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