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The Airborne Toxic Event

To think we are nearing a precipice with regards to the media, Ebola, and public perception about the threat here in the States is mis-guided: the truth is, we are always on a precipice with the media, with┬ápanic down one … Continue reading

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What happened when the vanpool driver cracked

This is a confession about me, the vanpool driver, and how I’ve begun to secretly hate the other riders on our van. It’s no different than what happens to bus drivers, taxi drivers, airplane pilots: people who get paid carting … Continue reading

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The Magic Place

It was a magic place, where we met. The sweet brine of birdsong, a tapestry in the trees, the mystery of light angled through the leaves. There, where the two made love on the ground, in the grass. How the … Continue reading

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Quality, Popularity

These two don’t always go together. Businesses that grow from a quality product struggle to maintain it once they get big; they pay consultants to help them remember what it was like to be small. Morrissey said, “Fame, fame, fatal … Continue reading

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We got over nine inches of rain in November here. Today, at 3:30 p.m. the sun was just two fingers away from the horizon. On the ride in this morning, NPR ran a story about a 15 year-old girl who … Continue reading

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