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Last night on 29th place, SE

We really lived in that house, if it was the wrapping we were the candy, the present, and inside there stirred our souls and the house bore witness and the calendar pages flipped, the seasons passed, our photos on the … Continue reading

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Poem written for my daughter on a cell phone

How hard you wanted for that moment and lifted your chin for a scratch and so vivid it was, as you forgot — and the feeling hardly a memory or a glance, the way with dreams you’re sure it was … Continue reading

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Last reflection before bed

The essence of the day was lost to the holes and spaces where memory goes, the leaks and gaps that take what you don’t see. And sad to think, a whole life can pass by like that, unseen. Photo from … Continue reading

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Song for company reorganizations in F sharp

Now there’s a different feel to the company for those who have been there long enough and know what to expect: It’s half-way through the fiscal cycle so they know how they’ve done the first half and can predict the … Continue reading

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Dark morning walk

Now the dark you thought would abate just hangs on (or lightens, depending on your point of view) still it’s hard to change from what window you see the world, that view.

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Morning prayer

The grizzled look of a lawn covered in frost and all the tiny diamonds there, a Morse code for sight. Photo credit, Loren Chasse.

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Bone piece

The memoir, the story of your life, is an object of questionable value. You hold it in your hands, shake, listen: what’s inside? Is there a lock? Does it open? What’s it for? You could take it to someone who … Continue reading

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