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Black and white portrait of geese flying against the clouds

It’s a cold, wet snow that’s started on the mountain passes and though we’re much lower elevation in the foothills, it’s the same chill in the air that defies logic, that seems so much colder than the temperature—like that San … Continue reading

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Perfect from now on

I got an email from Loren at work complaining about Gilles, the fact he kept walking around Loren and Christine’s apartment in just his bath towel, that it was bumming Christine out as Loren put it — and I pictured … Continue reading

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The Unraveling of Mark Kozelek

Last week, Kozelek got some press related to belligerent remarks he made to audiences and fellow musicians The War on Drugs. For someone like Mark, who requires a footnote explaining who he is by way of the band he used … Continue reading

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Lot Number 12

From today’s Daily Prompt The palm reader saw violence in me. Were it mine, done to me, or a horrible secret I carried like a gift left behind at the party, unnamed. It sits there waiting in the corner for … Continue reading

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Son, observe the time and fly from evil

It seems like whenever I tell someone from San Francisco I work for Starbucks, there’s a moment of internal dialogue behind their face as they decide if they want to say something bad about the company to my face, or … Continue reading

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